Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random Shots of Alaska Summer Vacation

This is a view of Sarah Palin's driveway. Big deal, right. We thought we would take Susan on a little sightseeing venture to Wasilla, home of the famous Sarah Palin, the beautiful, conservative vice-presidential candidate from Alaska. That's about all we saw.
This shot was from our flightseeing trip looking out over the Knik Glacier. So many miles of huge ice fields with ice-blue gravel streaked ice. Gorgeous and created by God. I forgot how many glaciers we saw that day but maybe it was 5 or 6. Seeing everything from the air gives one quite a different perspective and I'm so thankful we went. I had a fear of flying in small planes but God took care of that. We had a seasoned pilot friend from our church who was quite the tour guide/pilot and also funny too. What a day! Susan got to fly too. Will post that one also!
Flower gardens down at Town Square, Anchorage.
Kids examining the bark inside a tree up at Thunderbird Falls.

Here is Mimi holding the "Golden Child" who is the sweetest boy in the world and Greta who will one day hike mountains tirelessly.


Susan R said...

Love seeing the pictures and reliving such wonderful times. I have enjoyed sharing my pics and stories with anyone who would listen. Everyone who goes to AK should be so blessed as to know the Kale family! said...

Such an amazing trip! The photos are really very natural and sincere. You look pretty much excited to visit the place. Hope you got a full bowl of impressions!
With love,
Jane O'Neil

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