Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random Shots of Alaska Summer Vacation

This is a view of Sarah Palin's driveway. Big deal, right. We thought we would take Susan on a little sightseeing venture to Wasilla, home of the famous Sarah Palin, the beautiful, conservative vice-presidential candidate from Alaska. That's about all we saw.
This shot was from our flightseeing trip looking out over the Knik Glacier. So many miles of huge ice fields with ice-blue gravel streaked ice. Gorgeous and created by God. I forgot how many glaciers we saw that day but maybe it was 5 or 6. Seeing everything from the air gives one quite a different perspective and I'm so thankful we went. I had a fear of flying in small planes but God took care of that. We had a seasoned pilot friend from our church who was quite the tour guide/pilot and also funny too. What a day! Susan got to fly too. Will post that one also!
Flower gardens down at Town Square, Anchorage.
Kids examining the bark inside a tree up at Thunderbird Falls.

Here is Mimi holding the "Golden Child" who is the sweetest boy in the world and Greta who will one day hike mountains tirelessly.

Motorcycle Mama

Greta was a little unsure at first but later got the hang of it. G-Pop is so popular when he brings out the scooter because all the kids want a ride, even the big kid Natalie!!

Emme petting a Grizzly at the Visitor Center

More German picnic photos and just ones of us all laughing and clowning around. We do laugh, reminisce and just have fun every time we're together!

Wilkommen! Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Here we all are, the first ever, the Batten Family at the annual German Deutsche Freunde picnic in mom's back yard. Many of her grandchildren were there and all but one of the great grandchildren were also present. What a treat! We all had a good time visiting with the German people as well as eating great food. Natalie is sporting her dirndl here. She is always the star! Carsten had his lederhosen on and will be handing them down to Finn for next year's picnic.
Adam grilled the bratwurst and everyone helped serve, setup, and take down. Thanks to Tom, Edith, Peggy, Barbara, and Dorothy for doing most of the hard work!! It was fun!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dawn's garden party was a hit. We had a good time eating an assortment of homemade soup, cucumber sandwiches, delicious quiche (made with Dawn's fresh chicken's eggs), Ramona's rosemary cookies, and Jessica's beautiful cupcakes which were the favorite of all the children.
Dawn and Rob's yard is always full of colorful mostly perennial flowers and eclectic garden goodies.
The kids played outside somewhat because of the cool, drizzly, weather as Dawn gave us ladies the garden tour. Her greenhouse is producing many tomatoes and cucumbers.

Here Great Grandma is seated next to Emme and then Great Aunt Debbie is holding Will's hand as Grandma follows behind with Elli. Thank you Dawn for a lovely afternoon and having us all over.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A great picture of Grandma George holding little beauty "Blue Eyes" Claire

Natalie's first time seeing her, so she did remove her wig, thank goodness.

Bernie always has been very animated, and who is that wolf in the middle?

It turned out our neighbors were there picking up relatives from Austrailia on the same flight. They recogonized us immediately. We thought we were so clever.

The wolf and Litttle Red Riding Hood minus the hood. We all had so much fun picking them up we forgot a suitcase at the airport and Bernie had to go back to retrieve it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here Natalie is incognito ready to pick up her sis and family. We all wore wigs and costumes. When they saw us, I don't even think they were surprised. It's almost as if they were expecting it.
Gretchen sporting her black Afro wig. She and Nat were driving around in the airport garage laughing so much they forgot what level they were on.
Here we are with the grandmothers and great-grandma's over at Bernie and Angie's house for Pizza Night.
Will doesn't ahve curly hair like his dad at all but here he is looking mighty fine.
Gretchen and Natalie goofing off downtown after the Saturday Market. It was chilly, that's why Natalie has a winter hat on:)

Thursday, July 01, 2010

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